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H​omes/Business' without a security system are 300 times more likely to be broken into.

Security systems advantages       

  • Only way I know that a home or business can defend itself.
  • Security systems(wired/wireless) can detect glass breakage, motion detection(pet immune), door and window sensors, medical-police-fire panic buttons, vibration sensors, smoke and heat detectors, co2 detection, AC protection, sirens, also a device you can loop through your belongings and tie into the system. We can make it as long as needed.
  • If someone breaks in, the Police are alerted.
  • If you have a fire, the Fire Dept. is alerted.
  • Cellular communicator instead of phone line, or as a back up. If the phone line is cut it still sends out its signal.You can loose that monthly phone bill.
  • You can control lights and other controls through out your home.
  • Your home owners insurance will usually be reduced if you have a monitored system. We will send your insurance company a Certificate Of Alarm for your discount.
  • Protect your AC unit from copper thieves.
  • You will sleep better just knowing you have a protective perimeter.
  • Many of the ideas in the other list need to be done to make your place safer.

Your most important valuables 



no security system-helpful ideas

  • Use quality locks on all entrances, including service doors and gates. 

  • Lock your doors and windows
  • Install 3/3.5" screws in the strike plate and the hinges--these will reach your solid framing around doors and hold much stronger.
  • Install motion activated lights.
  • Don't leave hidden keys.Leave with someone you trust.
  • Install some signs, beware of dog-security-cameras.
  • ​Install a wide angle peep hole in your front door.
  • Install locks on all external boxes(phone/power/etc.)
  • Need to inventory all valuables-serial numbers if possible.
  • Park your car close to your house and use its alarm/alert systems if you're in trouble. Set off horn and lights.
  • Tape/hair on doors(car and home) to see if anyone goes in.
  • Be a good neighbor and look out for each other.

make your home/business safe

Your biggest obstacle to personal safety--you


We always hope that the bad stuff doesn't happen to us. But sometimes it does!

​An intrusion against your home/business, a fire in your home/office, or some other disaster can take place at any time.

   Security Tips

       Don't be a victim of crime or tragedy.Get a          strategy, before a tragedy.